Federico Díaz, Adhesion Federico Díaz, Adhesion Federico Díaz, Adhesion



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polyamide objects, ink painting, termosensitive display, light, data projectors, 600 x 600 x 200 cm


2009 / Frederieke Taylor / New York / Chelsea / US, 2009 / Galerie Zdenek Sklenar / Prague / Czech Republic


David Kořínek, Martin Ličko, Frederieke Taylor


Individual objects forming the project Adhesion/Survival Manual seem, at first sight, to be monochrome images of atypical formats. In reality, the illustrations of a process defined by the rules of so-called Lindenmeyer system used for the simulation of a plant growth process are the projection screens. The systems functions on the basis of additive principle that gradually expands the complexity of visualised figures. The defined lines expand into fractal figures which gradually cover the whole surface of the project. The resulting surface is printed in thermo sensitive colour which reacts to the space conditions and viewer’s presence. Therefore, the figure is always an individual and irreproducible record of the actual situation in time and space. Thus it creates a record of possible model situation in which a human contacts the nature and illustrates the radical degree of immediate effect which the human can exert on his environment. Highly aesthetical interface again functions as a communication means of fundamental environmental and social issues.