Fluid F1

Federico Díaz, Fluid F1 Federico Díaz, Fluid F1 Federico Díaz, Fluid F1 Federico Díaz, Fluid F1

Fluid F1


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PC, Maya software, Japanese ink, rice paper size print 220 x 120 cm, 176 x 200 cm, painting 135 x 65, 43 x 55 cm, 34 x 47 cm


Fluid F1, Zdeněk Sklenář Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic, 2006


Martin Ličko


Formula 1 expresses two fundamental characteristics necessary for understanding the western world for Díaz. The principles of co-operation and worshipping. The whole project is built around en ephemeral moment that lasts 6 seconds in which the cooperation of 30 mechanics flawlessly co-operate while changing tyres at the pit stop during the race. There are many entirely ritualised actions which are interconnected in precise harmony in a very short moment. According to Díaz, it concerns the bond of a western person with his ancestors and peers from other cultures maintaining ritual practices. The car and the driver acquire new energy necessary for the completion of the race through a precise scenario. The principle of worshipping appears in the moment of celebration, the united experience of direct or mediated race recording. What is the effect of a second long surge while screaming with happiness or despair regarding the winning in the race on our thinking, information field matrix, resonance and our genetic code? Those are fundamental issues for Díaz and they are materialised, likewise in the project Resonance, in an ink painting, digital visualisation and stereolithographic objects.