Federico Díaz, LacrimAu Federico Díaz, LacrimAu



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24 k gold /Automatic pipet station / esence, computer and interactive EEG components, 500 x 500 x 300 cm


Expo 2010 / Shanghai / CHINA


Filip Dubský, Lukáš Kurilla, Martin Ličko


LacrimAu is, to a certain extent, a site-specific comment of an exceptionally strong social clash which develops throughout the international encounters. The background of LacrimAu was the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. The installation directly reacts to the emotional state of individual visors. The testing room with a monumental sculpture in the shape of a human tear cast of pure gold serves as a basic interface. The shape of the reference point of the human tear has been selected due to a large scope of connotations in meaning with which it is wrapped up. On the basal level, the tear can represent the dichotomy of joy and sadness. The visitor himself sits in the glass cube and is equipped with EEG sensors registering his brain activity. Experienced emotions, provoked by hectic surroundings are intensified and concentrated through the reference point of the golden tear and through the data flow they become bio signals. Each signal frequency then has actual essence of various plants assigned. The test results then form a material state consisting of individually mixed fragrance. The smell as one of the primary human senses mediates the emotional recording of the moment and fixes it in the memory. Thus, it is much easier to recall the situation when smelling it again.