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PC, C++ software, optical sensor, infrared sensors, data projector, 120 W speakers, low‐frequency subwoofer, semi‐transparent glass, polyamide film, acoustic insulation, projection room, flexible dimensions location of artwork property of the artist


E AREA: Mnemeg, The Moravian Gallery in Brno, The Museum of Decorative Arts, Brno, 2002; Lanterna Magika, Espace EDF Electra, Paris, France, 2002; ...o technice.../...about technology..., Czech Museum of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech Republic, 2003; V mezičase / In time between, Critics’ Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic, 2004; Vision, Prague/Tokyo, Critics’ Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic, 2004


Vít Havránek, Martin Ličko, Zsolt Trencsenyi


Mnemeg, with respect to technology, develops previous projects and brings an entirely new aspect of author’s creation. Díaz actually lets an artificial being emerge from the nebula of abstract fields and networks true to the tradition of medieval alchemists. Mnemeg is an artificial woman of fluid vacuum whose gradually developing dance and demonstration of humanity result from the interaction with the visitor passing through the installation. This time there is no mirror set for the viewer but there is an opportunity to communicate with a being which he himself co-creates. Díaz admits that the artificial being does not have to have anthropomorphic characteristics and avoids the model of human in his further art.