Federico Díaz, Muscoxen Federico Díaz, Muscoxen



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Muscoxen is a development of social criticism used in the project Sakura and it is still in the conceptual state. Corporate ideological pressure, marketing strategies bordering on the propagation of closed sectarian system and deliberate manipulation of information is represented as starting points. All that is developed on the model of fictitious multinational corporation Muscoxen that produces human emotions or the opportunity to purchase so-called binary seed, a future client’s existence built on the grounds of final client analysis. The individual clients’ seeds would develop not only according to their own gradual programming but also on the basis of interactions with other clients’ seeds and thus a model situation of creating a new artificial level of society would be achieved.
Muscoxen along with the project Sakura is one of the most significant commentaries on politics through art with regard to the possibilities of the evolution of the present society.