Photon I, II


Photon I, II


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steel, ‘Barrisol’ polyamide sheet, set of forty polarization filters, carbon rod, polarizer, holophonic sound field, analogue‐digital movement converter, 500 x 30 x 300 cm


500 x 30 x 300 cm


Milan Guštar, Karel Srp


Photon I, II indicate the principle of physical materialisation of originally only simulated object and space that Díaz uses the most often. Díaz usually uses stereolithography for these purposes. The basic component of the installation is a five-metre carbon rod slowly rotating along its axis through the space. The rod is equipped with polarisation filters which allow seeing only a certain wavelength of light. The viewer gradually sees the filters from bellow and through the vision slit. The angle determined in such manner so as to observe the process enables to perceive gradual changes of transparency occurring on the surfaces of filters. The architectonic scope of the work, which serves, besides other things, to focusing the eyes on the on-going process, is the allusion of future complex thinking about social and perception role of the architecture in further Díaz’s work. High frequency sound, which is synchronised with the movement of light on the filters, forms an essential component of the artwork again.