Federico Díaz, Sakura Federico Díaz, Sakura Federico Díaz, Sakura Federico Díaz, Sakura



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PC, C++ software, optical sensor, data projector, semitransparent material, polyamide material, acoustic insulation, steel structure, speakers, glass, projection room 600x600x400 cm

Exhibited Science Meets Art, Museum Kampa, Prague, Czech Republic, 2005; Hybrid – living in paradox, Ars Electronica 2005, Linz, Austria, 2005; В межВременье/ V mezičase
/ In the Interim ГЦСИ (NCCA – National Center for Contemporary Art), Moscow, Russia 2006)


David Kořínek, Martin Ličko, Gerfried Stocker


Sakura is a complex utopian project composed of illustration architecture and a video specifically installed within. A fictitious company Sakura Corporation is presented in the futuristic exhibition booth. There is only a table with seemingly interactive control interface in the booth. In reality, this panel offers only one option – switching on the presentation video. Diaz is represented as a main participant in this narrative recording and for the first time, he is in the role of a performer or actor. Sakura can represent a dystopian vision of the future restrained by advanced manipulative technologies and the only escape is to retreat into one’s own mind and voluntary death – as the video shows in a very technologically impressive shot of a dramatic demise of the main character. What can be today perceived as a spine-chilling vision of own death represents new opportunities when viewed from a different perspective. Sakura offers a range of various interpretations. It is aesthetically specific due to the use of visual means close to luxury goods marketing or manipulative strategies of sectarian organisations.